Our entire life is an educational journey: Besides fundamental personality development, the question of training follows us throughout our entire careers. And the latter is evolving ever quicker as a consequence of digital transformation. It’s important to keep up to date in the face of such rapid change. It takes the optimal synergy of a variety of training measures to be properly equipped for the growing demands over the course of your educational journey. 

There are already multi-tiered offerings available that differ in terms of structure according to age, scope and focus. But yet more is needed for training that remains relevant for a long time: namely experiential educational solutions in a setting conducive to learning. Consequently, non-formal learning settings as a creative and flexible addition to the established educational structures are now more important for the future than ever. 

This is why we offer training solutions tailored to the learner that cater to individual requirements and the wishes and criteria of the educational establishments and institutions. Learn more about general educationvocational schools and universities and higher education institutions. We also develop custom solutions for companiesFabLabs and MakerSpaces  as well as vocational training centres. We work with you to devise the best possible training solution. We draw on a huge portfolio of didactically designed content and physically available training systems in the process. To create the perfect synthesis of theory and practice.


When we talk of an ecosystem, we think of it in global terms and with a view to the 17 sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda. There are a lot of challenging issues to resolve in order to achieve these goals. And the pressure is on to do so quickly. As a leading education provider with a special focus on science and technology, we feel we have a particular responsibility in this regard. 

We are addressing global change and the set goals with a holistic “educational ecosystem” which embodies sustainable approaches that foster success. We continually update our training programmes in terms of content and scope in line with the rapid transformation. So that they are always compatible with the time and the person. Namely everyone without exception. For us, that means: High-quality, inclusive and equal-opportunity education without restriction where every learner feels at home. As envisaged in the 2030 AGENDA.




It’s never too soon to start learning. Which is why it is so important to stimulate curiosity, ideally at a preschool age, and provide age-appropriate incentives for the acquisition of knowledge. With motivating learning programmes that here in Germany extend throughout the entire educational chain: from kindergarten through comprehensive school to university entrance. Thanks to our range of out-of-school settings, all learning stages can be meaningfully and considerably supplemented according to talent and inclination.


Higher education institutions may not necessarily be the first thing many people associate with an increased enthusiasm for learning. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t be. As long as the ambitious syllabus is combined with off-campus training settings and practical learning activities. This is where education with interdisciplinary approaches come into play that convey a spirit of innovation and experiential pleasure. For learners, our off-campus training settings prove to be particularly stimulating, especially in the STEM subjects, and serve as another significant boost to potential.


Lucky are those who develop keen interests at a young age. Luckier still are those who can already identify a potential career path in them. This is by no means the case for everyone. Many young people are overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a career. Which makes it all the more important for vocational schools to offer non-formal learning settings where trainees can develop a lasting interest for an occupation. A key prerequisite for ensuring that young people set out on the right path and are best qualified for specialisation later on. 


The companies of the LN EDUCATION GROUP also offer turnkey experiential solutions for vocational training centres that include an optimally designed laboratory and workshop infrastructure. This helps to maximise the employability of graduates. Moreover, our non-formal educational programme makes a lasting contribution to supporting domestic industries and the local job market. This lays the foundations for the future career of learners that can be decisive for their later success in the workplace. 


The manufacturing industry and businesses specialised in technology in particular benefit greatly from our state-of-the-art solutions. Because we continually update our cutting-edge training systems to keep abreast of advances and the attendant growing requirements. Non-formal learning teaches specialist knowledge and skills in an open-minded way and builds comprehensive technological competence as a result. Soft skills, like attitude, accuracy, judgement and decisiveness are ideal candidates for non-formal training too.


Creative learning has many faces. Two of them are so-called FabLab and MakerSpaces. The concept was pioneered by Neil Gershenfeld, a physics professor by trade, who set up the first “FabLab” for his students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology roughly 20 years ago. It contained the germinal idea of haptic learning, whereby in FabLab and MakerSpaces, the power of “doing it yourself” is harnessed to acquire technical skills and knowledge. Here, open-access workshops become non-formal places of learning, where learners have access to things like cutting plotters and electronic components. MakerSpaces are increasingly being utilised by businesses as innovation labs and creativity rooms. 


Non-formal learning settings are particularly suited to the STEM subjects. Here, learners can acquire practical experience through hands-on interaction with scientific and technology themes. They make modern manufacturing methods experiential, which has a significant positive influence on the learning effect. STEM labs are increasingly proving to be a success-oriented adjunct to theoretical knowledge transfer. An argument that carries all the more weight in light of the current shortage of skilled workers in Germany. STEM labs often give companies the decisive edge in the battle to attract the best new recruits from a limited pool. 



How should the ideal educational ecosystem look in order to offer state-of-the-art solutions in the context of global change? This is a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis, and the main answer we come up with is: holistic. Holistic, because in our view, an educational space combines and promotes every facet of learning and coexistence. And for good reason. Because in our extensive experience, the true benefit of education can only be sustainably realised through a holistic approach. 


Besides quality training and education, we have come to another realisation: namely that movement, sports and play help increase the effectiveness of educational measures. Three important elements in the framework of a holistic implementation concept, whose inclusion not only enhances the required abilities to the fullest extent. Exercise, sports and play also lead to a sustained increase in learning potential. 

By gaining practical experience and having motivating knowledge acquisition young learners get help to literally grasp the purpose of later job profiles. It takes the fun combination with exercise to consolidate the knowledge gained on an enduring basis, which is the intent of sustainable education.



To design a holistic, dynamic educational ecosystem from scratch requires state-of-the-art learning tools too. Which is why when first drawing up a project, we favour the so-called Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. A software-based working method for networked digital planning. Using this BIM-compliant approach, we incorporate all the data relevant to the project from the start. These tools are becoming increasingly vital against the backdrop of continuing global change. Digital tools make modern learning time and place independent; they are interactive, responsive and go further. As such, they offer the best prerequisites and novel opportunities for the educational ecosystem. 



Technology and science are pretty challenging. As classroom subjects, they often contain complex material that is predestined for experiential learning. To make the experience as realistic as possible, have therefore specifically further developed a training method: Real Experience Learning, a learning method that has been further developed by the companies of the LN EDUCATION GROUP and optimally prepares learners for the job market. Because it makes potential tasks and problem scenarios tangible beforehand through physical interaction. Rather than just working through them theoretically. Experiential learning with a kick gets the blood flowing, engages the senses and triggers emotions. Which pays off in the end, because it efficiently boosts skills and capability. For the learners, this means: more work routine and fewer errors at the workplace. Combined with our E-Learning systems, Real Experience Learning ensures that all course participants will enjoy the same shared sense of achievement.



Learning has never been as mobile and invaluable as it is today. Thanks to E-Learning, all manner of learning methods can be used from any location in our educational ecosystem. Digital training solutions are an excellent way of conveying knowledge, which provides a great foundation for the subsequent acquisition of practical skills. The education system bears a shared responsibility in preparing educators and learners for working digitally, something which is taken for granted nowadays.

E-Learning enables foundational knowledge and complex operating principles to be visualised in an especially illuminating manner, particularly in the technical fields. A perfect example being a three-phase motor, which can be ideally represented and explained using a 3D animation. In this way, routine tasks, such as commissioning, maintenance and service can be easily learned and internalised via intuitive solution patterns. 


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